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What Is Easyke?

Easyke is an e-learning platform designed for international students at universities and high schools across North America, Australia and the UK. Easyke connects educators to students through an innovative, browser-based user interface where students get answers to their academic questions and develop healthy study habits over time.

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Help International Students

Join the fastest-growing e-learning platform for international students in the world.

Earn By Educating

Top tutors earn $2,500+/month through our innovative QA platform, essay polishing service, and online tutorials.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Tutor whenever and wherever you want in dozens of subjects.

How to be a Tutor


Submit Application

Applicants provide their contact information, academic background and CV, and select their areas of academic specialization.


Skill Testing Questions

Applicants undergo a series of short quizzes that test their expertise in the academic specializations they select.


Training Period

Applicants are introduced to Easyke’s platform and our service standards, and invited to answer practice questions.


Start Tutoring

Tutors start answering our students’ questions, and earning money!

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Tutor Stories

Join our community of highly qualified educators from around the world. Easyke tutors all have at least a master’s degree from a globally ranked university.

I really enjoy working with students and helping them become more confident writers. It's a pleasure reading their thoughts and experiences, and it's a privilege helping them articulate their points and express their ideas. I'm happy as a clam when I see my students improve over our engagements on the Easyke platform.

Sophia Zhao — Yale University
Sophia Zhao — Yale University

I have been working as a Tutor Moderator at Easyke since August 2017. Over the past couple of months, I have helped several students with editing their essays and providing constructive comments to enable them to polish their essay writing skills. In addition, I have reviewed numerous subject and essay questions answered by my fellow tutors. As a Moderator, my main responsibility is to work closely with my fellow tutors to help them put forth their best work on the platform and, as such, equip the students with the required tools to succeed in their studies. Thus far, my experience at Easyke and with the students that I have helped has been amazing. I look forward to helping and sharing my love for education with more students in the future, only through the Easyke platform.

Sena Saidjadi – University of Ottawa
Sena Saidjadi – University of Ottawa

As a tutor as Easyke we have the unique opportunity to help students from around the world. The platform excels at matching tutors to students without compromising the integrity of service provided to students. With a community backed moderation incentive, the help provided is always subject to the highest levels of scrutiny. If you want to work for a platform operating at the bleeding edge of modern education tech, Easyke is for you. As a founding moderator and Graduate student I can say Easyke has helped tune my teaching ability to a new and exciting level.

Tharshi Srikannathasan – University of Toronto
Tharshi Srikannathasan – University of Toronto


How does it work?

Easyke connects international students around the world with expert educators who help answer subject-specific questions, guide students through essays and projects, and conduct live tutoring sessions.

How much do I get paid?

1. Subject QA – answer small to medium sized questions – $15 minimum
2. Project QA – help students with projects and assignments – $45 minimum
3. Essay Polishing – help students with their long-form writing assignments – $50 minimum
4. Live tutorials – real time web tutorials – $25-$65 per session

Additional income streams are available to long-term and top rated tutors. Learn more by signing up!

Who are your students? Where do they study?

Our students are all international students studying in high schools and universities across North America, Europe, and Australia.

What skills and experience does a tutor need to work for Easyke?

You will be a passionate educator with at least a master's degree, with at least one year experience teaching post-secondary students, as an instructor or teaching assistant.

What is the application process and will I get hired?

Skill testing

Applicants are sent skill testing questions in the specializations they applied to teach. Applicants who wish to cover a given subject must complete the corresponding skill testing question set in full with a passing score (varies by subject). After completing the skill testing questions, applicants typically wait between 2-5 business days before being qualified or unqualified by our in-house team.


Applicants who pass the skill testing question stage are invited to training. During training, applicants must watch a series of training videos and complete the associated training quizzes. The videos applicants are assigned to watch will depend on the subjects they apply for, and candidates cannot teach a subject without having passes the training quizzes. Candidates are free to start the training process at their convenience–while there is no deadline to complete the training, applicants cannot enter the next stage until the training quizzes are complete. After completing the training quizzes, applicants typically wait between 2-5 business days before being qualified or unqualified by our in-house team.


Applicants who successfully complete the training stage are invited to answer 3-6 practice questions on the Easyke platform before being made an active educator. While there is no deadline to complete the practice (probation) questions, applicants cannot pass into active status until the probation questions are complete. After completing the practice questions, applicants typically wait between 2-5 business days before being qualified or unqualified by our in-house team.

Please note that not all applicants are hired, and Easyke reserves the right to determine which applicants are given admission into the ecosystem and which not. Candidates are evaluated and hired on the basis of academic expertise, experience, teaching experience, professionalism throughout the application process, subject coverage, and other factors.

How are my data privacy rights protected?

In applying to Easyke, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, school, and email address, as well as documentation to verify your ID and credentials. This information is collected to keep our students safe and our collection methods align with industry best practices. Your personal information is never disclosed to 3rd parties outside the Easyke ecosystem and you are in full control of how much personal information you disclose to our students and fellow educators.

What is your policy towards academic integrity?

Read more about out commitment to academic integrity here.

How can I get in touch to learn more?

The best way to learn more is to apply to become an Easyke tutor and join a welcome session.